Why India Has No Option Left But To Control Its Population

Nationalism or population liberalism is an ideology currently ruling the modern world and its citizens – the citizens of Uttar Pradesh in India. The people of Uttar Pradesh are divided into five states – Bihar, Jharkhand, Uttar, Himachal Pradesh, and Sikkim. Out of these, Uttar Pradesh is the most populous state with a million people – a fact which reveals the mindset of its people – their attitude towards the development and towards building a better India.

The people of Uttar Pradesh are known for their love for cows; this trait is unique in India. The fact that the cow is associated with Uttar is an indication of its culture and ethnic consciousness. It is not possible for Uttar Pradesh to develop any productive policies for economic growth without promoting the growth of the economy of rural areas. Development of industrial cities in close proximity to the urban centers would help; however, this is something that only the Left-leaning government of the Mulai Ram Ghat can promise. It can initiate and give momentum to a program of national investment; however, the center cannot do it alone.

Population movements are a natural product of changing socio-economic situations. Populists wish to bring about rapid growth by driving people to migrate and settle in urban areas, but this will adversely affect the agricultural productivity in the state. The only alternative left for the Uttar Pradesh government is to control its population; this can be done through various restrictive policies.

There are various demarcations in the country to demarcate where the residents of a particular state should reside. For instance, Muslims are allowed to live in the Muslim-dominated areas of eastern Uttar Pradesh, but the same cannot be said of the Hindu-dominated districts in western Uttar Pradesh. But this practice is not consistent throughout the country. Each area demarcates its place where each community can reside. In the present scenario, Uttar Pradesh has been split into three parts namely, the northern region, the middle-upper-lower region, and the eastern region. All the regions have different demarcations on communal lines; thus, Uttar Pradesh has no option left except to control its population through restrictive policies.

The major cause behind Uttar Pradesh’s population movement is unemployment. Due to massive financial irregularities in the last 10 years, large numbers of people have lost their jobs. Unemployment is a major social problem in India; yet, the impact of this problem on the demographics of a state cannot be quantified. However, this aspect cannot be ignored as Uttar Pradesh has a large proportion of youth. The major demographic growth in the last few years has been accounted for by the population movement.

Population policies of Uttar Pradesh have worsened the situation of the unemployed youth. It has made them unemployed and ineligible for any benefits extended by the state, thus creating a huge population movement. Without offering any alternative to solve the problems of unemployment and poverty, the government will have to resort to some extreme means to reverse the negative effects of its policies of population movement.

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